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6 Adventurous Places to Visit In India With Your Squad – Awesome Men


Travelling to far-off places is certainly adventurous, and when it’s with your squad, the it’s even better. Weather, road-conditions and terrains do not matter when you are with them, only the thrill does.

I swear by my squad and frequently go out with them on adventure trips that promise an instant adrenaline-rush. These getaways rekindle my love for travelling, every single time.

If an adventure trip with your squad is on your mind next, head to these six destinations. These places will keep your energy-levels up, long after your trip is over.

Manali-Leh road trip

Irresistible cold weather, bike rides, roads with a spectacular view and a group of friends who add meaning to every moment- that is what a road trip from Manali to Leh is all about. Rent your bikes and ride on for an adventure in the mountains. Don’t forget to sip some piping hot tea at intermittent stalls, which is no less than an adventurer’s elixir.


If you haven’t pushed your limits while on a journey with your gang, you aren’t a gang at all. Get your adrenaline pumping with water sports like white water rafting at Rishikesh. This is a holy place not just for the pilgrims, but for life-long buddies as well!

Jim Corbett Wild Safari

If there is something that is extremely uncertain but impressively beautiful, it has got to be nature in its truest form- the wilderness. Travelling across a wild forest is one of the squad goals that ought to be on your list. And there is nothing better than Jim Corbett Wild safari to add an element of unprecedented thrill.


If you love exploring, pack your bags and escape to Auli. It is the perfect place to get away from the world and to enjoy the thrill of an adventure while getting mesmerized by the place’s rugged beauty.

Thar Desert

Thar is not just a desert but is also an oasis of cultural activities. Find yourself in surroundings that challenge you and help you to rediscover yourself. And with your squad, it only gets better. Don’t forget dig into a scrumptious Rajasthani meal while you are there.


If India is a jewel crown, Meghalaya is certainly one of its most glittering pearls. This place is absolutely mystic, courtesy its forests and godly mountain range. It is as challenging as it is beautiful and is a paradise for wildlife trekkers. The unpredictable rain makes life tough, just like the steep inclines. But with your squad, it is all worth it!


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