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7 Fitness Motivation Quotes That Will Instantly Get You Going

The rugged and the adventurous always believe in keeping themselves fit. And the most important thing to staying fit is never letting go of motivation.

To celebrate the spirit of never giving-up, here are seven motivational quotes that will instantly get you going.

“Don’t quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life like a champion” – Muhammad Ali

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“Be humble. Be Hungry. Always be the hardest worker in the room.” – Dwayne Rock Johnson

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“The mindset is a limit, as long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, do it. As long as you really believe hundred percent” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

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“A fit body gives you confidence. And there’s nothing more impressive than a great attitude, which you can wear on your sleeve. But you’ll have to remember the difference between being rude and being confident.” – Virat Kohli

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“If you think you are perfect already, then you will never be.” – Cristiano Ronaldo

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“Nutrition isn’t about how many calories you eat, but the quality of those.” – Milind Soman

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“Long term consistency trumps short term intensity” – Bruce Lee

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Got your motivation meter on? Hit the gym and set that adrenaline pumping!


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