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Be Reborn

“You want something, go get it. Period.” Does this sound familiar? These were the words Chris Gardener said to his son in the film – The Pursuit of Happyness. It is an important, almost crucial, sentiment because we are all driven by a purpose in life. While some of us realise this purpose early on in life, some others do so a little later, and a few others simply fail in this task.

Someone once said, “A man is born twice; his second birth marks the realisation of his life’s purpose.” Be reborn. Feel alive. Tap the world’s energy. Savour life in its little moments.

Rebirth is always accompanied with a certain zeal. This zeal enables us to create opportunities and not just wait for them. That is the essence of Cinthol Deostick. It could have been a regular deodorant spray, but it chose to make the sacrifice and be a cream-based deodorant. This Deostick was reborn to spark off a revolution in the space of deodorants. And a revolution it did spark with its amazing fragrances.

Take for instance the fragrances for women. Its Aura fragrance instils a feeling of renewed energy, making the user and everyone around them feel alive. The Swirl fragrance makes you want to chase life and live it to the fullest. And the Spark fragrance invigorates in its users the need to light a candle of change in her life.

Apply it on your body after a shower and you’re good to go. If you smell good throughout the day, you feel good throughout the day. This way, when you want something, you can go get it. Period.


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