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Find Which Beard Style Suits Your Personality

Growing a beard might come easy to most but maintaining one is serious business. Just like your choice of clothing says a lot about your personality, your beard speaks volumes about the kind of person you are. Though it might be a generalization, more often than not, it does ring true.

This holiday, use the time on hand productively and try to style your beard according to the options we have suggested below. Not only does it reveal quirks about your personality but also keeps you updated with the latest trends. So get a beard style that suits you and rock that upcoming party!

The full beard

Full bearded man

Full bearded man – a non-conformist man

A full beard is one that is untamed or one that has undergone impeccable grooming. The untamed mane reveals a non-conformist attitude of a person who lives life on his own terms. The structured full beard is a man who exudes an air of intelligence and sophistication.

Five o’clock shadow

The nonchalant attitude man - Five o’clock shadow beard

Five o’clock shadow beard

A style that not many would attribute to be an official ‘beard style’, the five o’clock shadow is a look best described as the slight regrowth that appears towards the end of the day on which you shaved your beard. However, some men don this look intentionally. This style has a complete bad-boy rep with a ‘devil may care’ attitude attached to it. Someone who is laid-back and effortless, this style conveys the nonchalant attitude of the person who attempts it.

The chinstrap

The chinstrap is also called the ‘show-off’ beard and is usually seen on the best jawlines. It shows efficiency and hard-work and a desire to look good. It reveals traits such as accuracy and precision. A man who tries a chinstrap is confident and overtly charming.

The famous stubble

The famous stubble look - Popular Beards

The famous stubble look – Popular Beard styles

The stubble needs no introduction and the ‘out of bed’ look that gained popularity is one of the hottest trends of this generation. The stubble portrays a personality that is aware of styles and knows how to pull it off. Though a stubble looks rugged and something that does not require effort, it is probably the most worked upon styles.

The trimmed goatee

The trimmed goatee is quite old school. Someone with a goatee is struggling to decide between a groomed full beard and a clean shave. This beard style signifies someone with a traditional outlook, and someone who goes by the book.


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