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Modern Hairstyles to try in 2018

A lot of effort goes into sporting the latest trends when it comes to outfits and hairstyles are no less! A great hairstyle accentuates your look and knowing what looks best on you is a huge start.

Trying on a new, contemporary hairstyle for 2018 can bring phenomenal change to your overall look by adding an edge to your personality. There are a wide array of hairstyle options that you could try out which are versatile and adventurous.

From going on an outdoor trek to camping in the wilderness, these are looks that you can experiment with before heading out. So pick your favourite hairstyle and head to the barber for a quick trim!


The traditional retro hairstyle, the slick back, works best for a suave look. This is the hairstyle that requires lesser effort compared to the rest and is relatively easier to implement, even as a last minute change in your look. The slick back trend works best with straight hair but can be textured, if tried on curly or wavy hair.



Not everyone can commit easily to long hair and it requires immense patience along with regular care. The preferred choice is to consult your barber regarding the growth and the hairstyle that would look best for your face shape and hair type.


Elvis Presley, the king of rock ‘n’ roll, was the very first male to sport this hair style back in the day! The top heavy pomp that Bruno Mars sported became quite the rage and since then has been tweaked to suit every face shape and personality. The pompadour is a contemporary hairstyle that can be easily maintained without combing or styling it regularly.


If you are someone who isn’t a fan of big hair and find the pompadour a bit too much for your personality, the quiff can work best. The quiff is most suited for men with rounder faces and the classic quiff has seen a variety of changes. With shorter hair at the back and sides, this ageless cut gives the perfect kind of definition to your face. To turn the quiff from a classic to a modern one, opt to have the sides finished without a fade.


With a reputation for being outlandish, non-conformist and almost rebellious, the Mohawk is a hairstyle that has numerous variations. A front cowlick swept- back and tapered to side shave, there are multiple choices available if you are someone who loves to experiment and tries a bolder, more outrageous look from time to time!


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