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Popular Beard Styles That Never Grow Old

With so many trends that constantly crop up and innumerable beard styles that become popular every year, keeping track of the best ones often becomes difficult.

We rounded up a few popular beard styles that have been around for generations and that will stay in fashion for years to come!

  • Chin strap

Chin strap - Popular Beard Styles for men

This is a beard style that has been doing the rounds for years. The chin straps need to be carved to perfection at least twice a week and work best on jaw lines that are well defined. It’s a popular beard style that is high on style and will definitely add an edge to your look.


  • The stubble

The stubble - Popular Beard Styles for men

There isn’t a single man on this planet who hasn’t tried to grow a stubble. From the classic stubble to the thicker version that typically takes between 4 to 6 weeks to grow, any kind of stubble takes some amount of maintenance. Ensure that you are extra careful when trimming the edges around the stubble, as that could make or break this particular beard style.


  • Long but neat

Though it might look like this is a beard style that requires least amount of maintenance, that is far from the truth! The longer the beard, the higher the chances of unruly frizz and facial follicles. The only reason this beard style has lasted for decades and is still a favourite among most men is the manliness it brings with sporting a long beard. Washing, conditioning and combing 3 to 5 times a week is essential when growing a long beard.


  • Rugged perfection

Rugged beard look - Popular Beard Styles for men

A rugged beard can look extremely sophisticated if it has been maintained well. The rule of the thumb when sporting a rugged beard is that it should look as natural as possible. Many celebrities have pulled off this beard style making it one of the popular ones that will always be in trend.


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