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Hairstyles Women Love on Men

There are numerous hairstyles that men choose depending on their face shape, personality and mood, but have your ever given a thought to what women like? Well, it may not necessarily be something you would go for, but if it keeps the women in your life happy, there is no harm in giving it a shot! Right?

Along with the hairstyles for men with beards, there are also numerous other good hairstyles for men that are fairly different, unique but get all the love and adoration from the ladies! Here are a few uber popular styles that you must try, this summer!


Fairly similar to the undercut but instead of the hair on top going back, it’s brushed forward. If you’re nervous about going too short on the sides, maybe start with a grade up before you go all out. Either way this is a favourite of ours as it shows confidence, a high sense of style and gives us the impression that you can take risks – even if it’s just with a new haircut.


The buzz cut is similar to the undercut and with the umpteen number of variations available, you will never be at a loss to find which one suits your face cut the best! It doesn’t have to be completely shaven – you can leave some length on the top or you can have the same length all over, it really depends on how brave you’re feeling. There’s also the military style buzz cut that women really love!



Women truly appreciate length and if you feel that as a man, long hair belongs on the beach, think again! A cut that sits just above your neck is a good length to have and can look extremely dapper and stylish. However, with long locks you need to have the right hair type. Thick and with some kind of texture is always best, as a smooth and straight long look isn’t going to get you all the girls. Men’s long haircut’s need to have movement, waves and styling spray added.


The classic pompadour is a quintessential old school hair style. And believe it or not, this classic men’s hairstyle was originally brought to popularity by Madame de Pompadour – yes a woman, because you know all great styles come from girls. It’s a style that gives us the feeling of nostalgia, the 50s icon loving and the smoothness and slick vibes from the old school films that we love so much. So if you want to stand out, this is the cut to try.


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