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Hiking Hacks with few Travel Essentials – Awesome Men Cinthol

Giving up is never an option for you. As an intrepid hiker, you love trailing off to offbeat places and even when the going gets tough, instead of quitting, you take a breather and start again. You celebrate the spirit of being awesome and never say no to the tougher things in life.

We love this energy and have a few pro hiking hacks expertly curated for the invigorating adventurer in you.

Waterproof Backpack

Switch to a waterproof backpack right now. Yes, you love rain and don’t mind getting wet, but think about all your essentials packed in your backpack! Also, ensure that the gadgets you carry are packed in waterproof plastic bags and are safe in case of a sudden downpour.

Invest in a headlamp

When it gets dark, and you are walking on a rough trail, a headlamp will come in handy and will keep both your hands free. Also, it is a lot lighter than regular torchlights and hardly takes any extra space.

Pack a lot of protein bars

For those mid-hiking hunger pangs, pack a lot of protein bars. They are a powerhouse of protein, Amino Acids and essential nutrients and satiate you instantly. Dry fruits like Almond and Walnuts will also boost your energy, keeping your stomach full.

Carry a mini first aid kit

A mini first aid kit with bandages, antiseptic creams and few medicines for fever and headache will cover the basics.

Take care of the odour issue

Right before you hit the hiking trail, use a deodorant for a fresh day ahead. And when it comes to deodorants that last long, there’s no better option than Cinthol Deostick. It lasts three times longer than an average deodorant spray.

Preventing blisters

If you thought blisters are unavoidable, think again! Wearing two pair of socks instead of one will act as a definite blister protector.

Lip balm as a skin savior

Instead of carrying ten different skin-care products in your bag, keep a lip balm along. Apart from using it on dry lips, a lip balm can act as a moisturizer for your dry skin and also soothe sunburn and blisters.

Duct Tape

Carrying duct tapes to your hiking trails is a must. This one item has multiple uses – it can be applied over blisters and can be used to waterproof leaked bags and water bottles.

So what are you waiting for, take out your hiking gear and get going!


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