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Explore Christmas Holiday Destinations to Visit this Vacation


There is no dearth of places to visit around the globe and Christmas happens to be the best time of the year to visit these exotic destinations. Wondering why? Well, imagine the snow-capped mountains, ginormous Christmas trees, and the picturesque art installations on streets.

There is no denying the fact that Christmas is celebrated better in some places around the world. For someone who is high on adventure and a nature-lover, these places are dream locations.

Planning an overseas holiday can be cumbersome and the vast variety of choices available does not make it easier. So we decided to help you out with a few suggestions.


Any suggestion of top 10 holiday destinations is incomplete without including the quintessential European cities. Prague is one place that should be on your bucket list, if you haven’t already visited it. The Christmas markets of Prague, that open every day at the Old Town Square, bring tourists and locals together. The city is brightly lit and music plays on the streets. Prague is a city best explored on foot and the cold weather coupled with the gothic architecture is the primary reason that people call it a ‘winter wonderland’.


The small towns and cobbled lanes make Germany one of the best places to go to for your yearly dose of sightseeing. Sipping on hot chocolate, walking through lanes heavily laden with snow and nibbling on gingerbread cookies is how your vacation ought to be. Germany has a host of cultural events and museums that are open to the public.

New York

Does anyone ever need a reason to visit a place like New York? But Christmas in New York is a whole new experience! Rockefeller Center Plaza is adorned with lights and the biggest Christmas tree that you will happen to see. The city is alive and every street and corner is filled with people, lighting, food and an exuberance that is hard to come across anywhere else in the world. The skating rinks, shopping malls and tourist locations like Times Square and Empire State Building are places worth hopping on that flight for!


The one location on everyone’s mind when France is mentioned is ‘Paris’ but you will be surprised to know, that’s not what we are suggesting. France has a host of other places and some of them actually offer a more enriching experience than Paris. From Lyon, the gastronomy capital of the world to Marseilles, the European capital of culture, France is resplendent with places that will put you in a dreamlike state.
The vibrant green countryside of Normandy, historic forts of Saint Malo and the cobblestone streets leading up to some of the world’s best cafés, a hot of cappuccino is best enjoyed with the cold weather and a dash of snow. The architecture, museums, food and the dainty old streets are reason enough to visit France at the end of the year!


Every movie from the beginning of time shows us the miraculous landscapes of Switzerland and rightly so. This place needs no introduction and everything from the architecture to the different styles of churches makes this place a perfect romantic get-away.


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