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Your Style Guide To Crack That Interview

We know you are someone whose confidence level remains unshaken, even during the toughest interviews. To keep up with this spirit, here is a quick style guide that will keep your fashion meter in check too.



Though men usually keep accessories at the bottom of their lists, the right accessories can make your attire look classy and suave. Your tie-pins, cufflinks and watch are all a very important part of your look, and it is important to ensure your accessories are well matched and enhance your look.  

Right colours


Wearing the right coloured clothes makes all the difference.  While going for an interview, ignore colors that are too bright or glitzy. An interview is a simple affair and this is how your clothes should be. Monochromatic suits and pastel coloured shirts will add to your appeal.  Ignore Aztec and flower printed clothes, and remember that choosing conservative colours is the key here.

Keep a check on your shoes


Oxfords are considered best for a job interview. Ensure that your shoes are well-polished and the shoe colour matches with your suit. A neat shoe ensures a good impression on the interviewer’s mind. 

 Statement ties to your rescue


A button-down shirt with a statement tie is all you need to impress the interviewer. While selecting the tie colours, don’t go overboard with the bold prints. Instead, keep it as simple and as sophisticated as you can.

Suit-up basics


If you are interviewing for a senior position, wear a solid-coloured, single breasted suit. A solid-coloured blazer will also fit your requirement.

With these style-tips in check, cracking that interview has never been easier!


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