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3 Best Men’s Hair Products to Use this Summer?

Summer makes our hair rough, dry and the sweat causes increase in dandruff. There are numerous issues that one has to tackle due to the rise in temperature but a few basic essentials never change. There are three products that your hair will need and making sure you are consistent with the application will ensure that your hair stays in good shape, at all times.


A hair wax is essential to nourish and style your hair and the Cinthol hair wax is the perfect solution for your daily hair care needs. Available in two different variants, this hair wax will provide a long lasting hold which means you can be rest assured that your hair stays in place all day and through the night. The Vitamin E will strengthen your hair and keep it healthy.



With hyper strong hibiscus flower extracts, this hair gel will provide your hair with different looks and keep it healthy.  A hair gel is something that will give your hair a glossy shine and a distinct superior hold of pomades is what separates them from the Cinthol’s classic hair wax.

Cinthol Wet Hold Hair gel Img - Awesome Men

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A hair styling cream usually offers a light shine with bare minimum or no hold and is the perfect styling solution when on a vacation or outdoors on an adventure. The Cinthol hair styling cream contains mineral rich hydro-proteins which ensure nourishment to the roots while styling your hair.

Cinthol Natural Shine Hair Cream - Awesome Men

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