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3 tips for using your Cinthol beard wax with ease

Beards come in different shapes and sizes and your desired beard style can be easily achieved

  • A necessity to take care of before you apply the beard wax is that your beard is completely dry or towel dry. For the best results you need to start with a clean and dry beard. So if your beard is unclean and has dust or particles stuck in it, take a quick shower and use a good beard shampoo. Wash and dry it thoroughly.

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  • The next step would involve running a beard comb through your beard and making sure there are no knots. A tangled beard cannot be styled efficiently and combing it will sort your troubles. Use the back of your thumb nail and scoop a pea sized amount onto your fingertips. Rub it in between your fingers to warm it up and then apply on the sides.
  • Make sure you start with a small amount as you don’t want to make your beard look greasy. The beard comb will help you to style your beard perfectly and then move from the sides to the front. Use a light pulling motion in the middle and underneath your chin to give your beard the desired length.

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