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3 ways to style your hair with the Cinthol styling cream

There are many ways to style your hair and with the wide variety of hair styling creams in the market, it can become quite confusing. While the Cinthol Styling Cream is a styling solution that not only nourishes your hair on application but also styles it with efficiency.

Most men have an active lifestyle and being outdoors can have an impact on your hair. A hair cream that assures you of ‘no damage’ can be a boon! All you need to know is 3 simple ways to style your hair with this product and you are good to go!


Depending on the texture of your hair, the cream you use will vary. While the Matte Finish works best with non-sticky and non-shiny hair it also provides a medium hold that will ensure your stays in place. The other variant from this range ‘Natural Shine’ creates a natural style and ensures a glossy shine to your hair which is bound to stay for a long time.



Applying just a dime-sized drop of product to your hair is essential to optimize results and achieve the best look possible. Too much can weigh you down and make your hair greasy and too glossy. Be minimal in your approach when squeezing out the cream.

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Styling cream and especially the Cinthol styling cream is a product that is easily used on most hair types. Take a dollop sized drop onto your palm and rub them together. Run your hands though your hair from front to the back and ensure that all strands are covered evenly. Hair creams can help tame frizzy hair and will provide a medium to light hold depending on your choice of styling cream. For optimum results, towel dry your wet hair before applying the cream. Use a comb or your fingers to brush through and style as desired.


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