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5 simple ways to stay stylish and achieve a dapper look

“You don’t need to follow trends to be stylish.”- Nomie Harris

Exactly! You just need to find your comfort clothing, learn about your favourite colours and textures. and groom yourself a little bit. And you are good to go! No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to pull off a red carpet look if you’re not comfortable. Here are some style tips that can help you achieve a dapper look even in your day-to-day routine.

Wear clothes that fit you

Wear clothes that fit you

One of the first tips to stay stylish is to purchase clothes that fit you. Nothing can destroy an outfit more than an ill-fitting jacket, shirt or a trouser. If you are trying to hide those extra pounds with loose clothes, quit doing that! Instead, shop for clothes that are of your size.

Less is more

You don’t have to wear multiple layers of clothing in order to look stylish. Sometimes even a simple pair of jeans and T-shirt can get noticed if they are worn with style and confidence. Try and dress simple with the right colour combinations. Opt for a well-tailored navy two-piece with a crisp white shirt instead of a three-piece suit for formal occasions.

Groom yourself

It does not matter if you are a wearing an Ed Hardy t-shirt or a kurta by Sabyasachi. None of it will look good if your hair is in a mess. In order to look stylish and elegant, you need to spend some time to maintain your locks and facial hair. Use good hair products to keep your mane maintained and in style. Get regular haircuts and trim your beard from time-to-time. We recommend that you use Cinthol Hair Gel and Cinthol Hair Cream for best results.

Invest in good footwear

Invest in good footwear

Good footwear can change your outfit in a matter of seconds. It can make you look elegant and stylish. But you have to be careful while you are pairing shoes with your outfits. You cannot team sports shoes with a three-piece suit or wear formal shoes with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. But you must try and invest in different styles of footwear. Get a pair of Loafers, Oxfords, Derbies and Borgues in your collection to rock your outfit in all occasions.

Accessorise your outfit

Accessorise your outfit

This is another smart tip to stay stylish. A sophisticated watch can bring elegance to your outfit. If you wear spectacles, choose the ones that suit the size of your face. Avoid getting large frames if you have a small round face. Sunglasses are a great accessory. It will instantly add glamour to your outfit and make you look confident. You can also try wearing a hat with your clothes, but be sure to choose the right one. You don’t want to look out of place or ruin the look of your outfit.


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