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Essentials for the Ultimate Male Grooming Routine

While there are a horde of products for men’s grooming when it comes to beard care, there are a few that are absolute essentials. These are products that every man needs to own and carry around while he is on the go!


Cinthol has a range of grooming products that will cleanse, nourish and style your way to an awesome beard. Here is the Cinthol Beard Grooming Range which is a must-have in your bathroom cabinet.



It can be quite a task to own two products and constantly switch between those in order to wash your face and the beard. We came up with a way to solve your problem and the Cinthol Beard + Face Wash is a way to cleanse the dust and particles that get stuck to your beard. The beard follicles need a regular wash. Your face being more sensitive than the rest of your body needs a mild face wash that ensures it does not rip off the natural oils of your skin. Use the beard + face wash once every day and it will leave you fresh and glowing.

Cinthol Beard + Face wash - Awesome Men

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The Cinthol Beard Oil is a crucial part of your grooming kit and for a well-groomed beard owning a good beard oil is a must. Regular use of beard oil will also reduce split ends which means you won’t have to trim your beard regularly. Slop on some of the Cinthol Beard Oil and your beard will look shiny, less tangled and feel less itchy.

Cinthol Beard Oil Img - Awesome Men

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To hold your beard and moustache in place, you will need the Cinthol Beard Wax in your kit! This ultra-control beeswax will last for long and works well in taming and controlling your facial hair.


Cinthol Beard wax Ultimate Hold - Awesome Men

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