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Forget complex grooming routines! This dual action product from Cinthol will take care of your needs! Here is how!

Have you ever wondered how certain men achieve the perfect look and groom themselves so well when there is immense shortage of time? Hectic work schedules and personal commitments can drain all of us and grooming takes a backseat in such situations. But we are here to provide you with a great solution that will take care of your grooming needs.

The Cinthol head to toe wash is a product that inherently requires you to practise and indulge in a simpler grooming routine. The whole idea behind this product being to make the grooming process easier and quicker for men who are less enthusiastic about grooming and beautification.

And it works beautifully in keeping this process minimal and simple.

All you have to do is take a reasonable dollop of this wash and use your hands to lather up a quick foam or a loofah for a relatively thicker foam.


Cinthol Head to Toe wash - Awesome Men

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Keeping in mind the time required for men to wash their hair and take a shower, this product is designed keeping in mind both. Now you no longer need to own two separate products for hair wash, body wash and conditioning. The Cinthol head to toe wash takes care of all your needs in one go! There are also three different variants that are designed for specific needs and you can always experiment with different kinds of washes.


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