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Guide to choose the right workout clothes

Shabby and ill-fitting gear will not only have a psychological impact but will also pull you down physically by ruining your posture and temperament. Workout clothes contribute towards maintaining your body temperature – an important factor for burning fats. Here is how you can dress for a workout in the right way to unleash your full potential at the gym.

Right outfit for hard workout

Fabric and materials

Different materials are suitable for different kinds of workout. For heavy workouts that induce sweat, it is advisable that you go for materials that can absorb moisture and keep you dry. Fabrics such as nylon, bamboo or spandex that are light, breathable and allow your sweat to evaporate and regulate your body temperature. The downside to these fabrics is that bacteria thrive on them causing them to stink post sweating. For workouts such as Yoga and Zumba, you could opt for cotton or cotton blends that are light comparatively. For outdoor workouts especially in the winters, opt for scuba fabric for your lowers and fleece-lined uppers to regulate your body temperature and trap heat generated by your workout.

Form and fit

One of the most important factors in choosing the right garments is to find something that fits perfectly and makes you feel comfortable. When looking for track pants, one of the best workout clothes for men, ensure you perform a squat or a lunge in them to be sure of the fabric’s elasticity and overall feel on your skin. Choose garments based on the type of workout you intend to perform.

Support and protection

For high-intensity functional workouts, opt for fabrics that offer support through compression. Compression fabrics improve your overall performance while mitigating injury risk, aches and pains. For outdoor workouts, there is UV-protection gear available in the market. UV-protected garments are great for those with sensitive skin. You can find out their potency with the help of SPF rating which is similar to sunscreen lotion.

right footwear for hard workout


Choose your footwear based on your activity as running shoes and training shoes are made to serve different purposes. Ensure you retire your shoes on a regular basis to avoid wearing out the sole and compromising performance.

Another very important essential that should be a part of your daily workout kit is a deodrant. This miracle in a can, eliminates smell caused by bacteria in your underarms. Because of a large variety available you can choose a deo and fragrance that match your style of workout.

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Try out these tips the next time you go shopping for fitness clothes.


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