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Gym Workouts For Men

A good exercise routine is what all of us need and being consistent with one can be a real challenge. Getting leaner and losing weight is just the start of the gym workout you will undertake but maintaining that weight is also a crucial aspect.

Which is where a set exercise regime comes to play. It is time to act upon that New Year resolution and hit the gym with these 15 exercises. We have divided the tips into two sections of bodyweight and mechanical weight exercises. Begin with bodyweight exercises and then slowly transition in to weight training.

Body Weight Exercises

These exercises do not require any kind of equipment other than a simple mat. The idea is to use your body weight to perform free-form exercises to develop your strength or warm up before weight training.



One of the most basic forms of exercise, squats can be easily performed without much preparation. Split your legs at waist width and go down by bending your knees as far as possible. Ensure your feet are planted on the sides while your arms are stretched out for better balance.



Everyone knows what pushups are, but very few do it right. It is one of the best upper body workouts bringing out results like a mechanical bench press. Lie on the ground with your palms down near your shoulders. Now try to push your body off the ground gaining an inclined position. Make sure your hands are tucked inwards for maximum effort.



Stand with both your feet together and arms in resting position. Now step ahead with your right foot while your left foot stays in resting position. Bend your right knee 90 degrees while the left knee bends but doesn’t touch the ground. Relax into resting position and switch legs. There are variations of this exercise to increase the intensity and effort that you can try once you’ve mastered this one.



Planks might look easy but are one of the hardest exercises to perform. It involves lying on your stomach and aligning your arms below your body. Now, push your body in the air with your arms touching the ground from elbow to palms. Hold this position for as long as you can. Time your performance and repeat after a short break.


Strength Exercises


Leg Press

Leg press

This exercise can’t be performed without the leg press machine. Adjust weights in the machine and lie down in position with your feet up. Now push slightly to unhinge the machine and begin squatting. Leg press can help you strengthen your gluteal muscles, hamstrings and quadriceps. It is also a great alternative to squats.

Bench Press

Bench press

One of the best exercises for a full chest workout, the bench press can be performed with a barbell, dumbbells or a machine. Lie down on the bench and hold the weights above your chest. Push the weights up in slow motion, hold for 2 seconds and then return to resting position. You can try this exercise in incline and decline variation for upper and lower chest workout.

Dumbbell Curls


Dumbell curl

A classic exercise to burn arm fat and tone your biceps. Lift weights in both your arms and stand in a relaxed position. Now begin curling one arm up to your shoulder in a gentle motion, hold for a second and then relax into starting position. Change arm and continue till your biceps are pumped up.

Dead lift

Dead lift

Attach weights on both ends of a barbell rod and take position with your feet wide apart. Now bend down without bending your knees, grab the barbell and lift it till resting position. Hold the barbell for 2 seconds and place it back in position. The exercise positively affects your core and lower back muscle, increasing your weight lifting capacity.

If you suffer from physical ailments, do consult your physician before indulging in any kind of exercises. Keep yourself motivated and hydrated; and stick to your New Year’s resolution! Also, don’t forget to use Cinthol Deospray to get rid of body odour.


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