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How to use your Cinthol Hair Wax Efficiently?

Most men aspire to have their hair looking great and staying the exact way they styled it in the morning, right till the end of the day! And though that seems farfetched, we have the perfect solution that will keep your hair style in place for hours to come!

A good hair wax can work well for a smart and formal style and will give you a great hold. This comes in handy when you are out handling meetings at work and do not necessarily have a lot of time to fix up your hair.

The best way to use the Cinthol hair wax efficiently is to start with a small amount of wax.

Always make sure you layer wax and do not start off with a large quantity as this can give your hair hard and thus make it more difficult to wash it off.

After taking a sufficient amount of wax on your palm, warm it up using your hands. Wax is a hard product and cannot be directly used on your hair for fear of it sticking to the hair strands or simply making your hair coarse and rough.

Coat your hair with a thin layer and brush at the surface of your hair. Get your hands through your hair and style it however you want.

A great slick back hairstyle or a sleek side parting is what works best for most men and with a strong or neutral hold can stay that way for hours to come.

Finally, you can use a little more product to smoothen the set hair and you are good to go!

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