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Make your own survival + emergency kit for every outdoor trip you take in life

Do you go on adventurous trips at least twice every year? And is every trip riskier than the last one? If your answer is yes, then it’s great you are chasing your dreams. However, if you are travelling without undertaking safety measures, then it might be a bad idea. Because one bad experience can ruin things for you. So, always ensure your safety with a survival + emergency kit.

No matter where you are going, you always need to carry a kit of essentials that can help you deal with natural calamities and emergency situations. Even though, you can find several kits outside, it’s best to carry a homemade survival kit. This way, you will not miss out on things or use brands that you are not aware of.

Drink Water


You know? How important water is. But relying on local shops might not be a great idea. It’s always better to carry your own. If you can, carry a mini-sized water purifier which you can use in case you have to drink water from a lake on your way to a mountain.


Food is the second most important thing that is required for survival. First is, of course, water! It’s best to carry some food with you for times when you might not find a food joint, or you are stuck somewhere in the wild. Carry a lot of energy bars and some ready to eat packets to sustain a long day or a night.



Don’t wait to fall sick to do something about it! What if you don’t find a chemist or a doctor? Ensure you carry both prescribed and non-prescribed medications that can help you fight ailments. Anti-allergic tablets are a must. You never know what you might be allergic to in new places.

First Aid

First aid

adventures in the nature can cause you injury if you are not careful. You might get hurt climbing rocks, exploring caves and enjoying waterfalls. What must you do? Get your hands on your first aid kit and clean your wound with antiseptic lotion and bandage it. There, you are sorted until you can seek medical help.

Sleeping bag

A sleeping bag

Impromptu decisions are fun and exciting. What if you find a good camping spot on your trip? You can’t let go of a good chance of sleeping under the sky. And you don’t need to build a tent for that. A nice, comfortable sleeping bag can do a good job to keep you warm and comfortable during any time of the day.

Match sticks/candles

These resources of light are extremely reliable and helpful. You can use them to warm yourself, cook quick meals, burn wood, scare animals and also use them as a signal to seek help. They are also very easy to pack as they don’t take enough much space in the bag.


A Compass

This is a very useful essential to take with you if you decide to explore the woods or your own. But you need to learn how to use it. Otherwise, there is no point of carrying it with you. A compass is a device that shows directions and helps you navigate every time you get lost.

Along with these must-have essentials in your homemade survival kit, you should also pack a few products that can aid you in having a good time outside home. You must pack two extra pairs of clothes, mosquito repellent and a pair of sturdy shoes. Also, add the very handy 3 in 1 Cinthol Head to Toe Wash which is a shampoo, hair wash and body wash, to help simplify your grooming regime.


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