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Stubble or Shave? How to maintain your look?

While different men have different face cuts, preferences in the way they keep they hair or beards, most men opt for a clean shave because of the effort that goes in maintaining a beard. While it is true that grooming yourself and trimming your beard constantly can be difficult an challenging to most, for men who love to reinvent themselves, Cinthol came up with an easy fix!

The Aftershave + After trim Balm is a product that works for both! No need to ponder over the different varieties of grooming products that you will require to stock up on, the Aftershave + After trim Balm takes care of both. For the days when you decide to go for a clean shave to those days when you go for a stubble, this alcohol free formula is an easy apply.

After Shave After Trim Cool Wave - Awesome Men

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After Shave After Trim Sensitive - Awesome Men

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It will soothe the skin after a clean shave and also soften your hair for a comfortable stubble, keeping the skin beneath your beard hydrated and full of moisture, thus avoiding itchiness and dry skin.

The two variants that are designed for different skin types will heal your skin and also keep it irritation free. The aloe-vera extracts work well for sensitive skin and icy cool menthol extracts have been used to ensure instant cooling and healing.



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