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The top Cinthol products for the ultimate beard care

There are a couple of things that need taking care of when you are growing a beard and owning appropriate products is one of them. Cinthol brings to you a range of three products that will nourish and style your beard and make it smooth and shiny. This is what needs to be in your grooming kit and a part of personal grooming ritual.


The Cinthol Beard + Face wash is a product that will wipe out all the dust and dirt from your beard and cleanse it thoroughly. The two types available ensure that different types of skin is handled with due care and leaves your beard follicles moisturised and the skin beneath your beard supple and smooth. The biggest advantage being the dual cleansing that the product provides. Mornings can be hectic and to use separate products for grooming can be tedious for most men. The Beard + Face Wash can be used twice a day and you are good to go.



Argan oil being a constituent in the Cinthol Beard Oil, your beard will never be unmanageable. Get rid of the synthetic and chemical products and aim to use natural, organic ones instead. Beard growth can drastically improve with Argan Oil, an essential element of the Cinthol Beard Oil.



The Cinthol Beard Wax will give your beard and moustache the perfect amount of hold and a great shape for every occasion. Apart from being long lasting, it will also provide your beard a shiny and luscious appearance.

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