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Top 3 amazing benefits of Cinthol beard oil

Almost 55 percent of the men in the world sport facial hair and more than being a fashion statement, growing a beard actually does have quite a few benefits. Beards not only keep allergies at bay, they also help to protect the inner layer of your skin from dust, pollen and other elements.

There are a few products that can drastically improve your beard and a good beard oil is one of them! The Cinthol beard oil is a product that will bring about a reasonable change in your beard. Here are a few benefits of this beard oil.

  • No more Beard ruff

Every guy dreads the one thing that makes your beard itch like crazy, the beard dandruff also known as beard ruff! Beard ruff can strike at any time and if you are someone who grows a beard often, dry skin and patchy beards are something you will be aware of. And this is what the Cinthol beard oil takes care of, apart from keeping your beard free from patchiness, it also keeps the skin below the beard and the follicles healthy. This ensures that no more beard dandruff gets formed.


  • Moisturisation

The direct benefit of a good beard oil is providing essential moisture to your skin and Cinthol beard oil works well in that department. The beard follicles stay hydrated and thus remain clean and hygienic at all times.

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  • Fragrance

There is nothing better than stepping out to work or for a meeting well-groomed and smelling great. Unlike most harsh colognes and alcohol infused perfumes, the Cinthol beard oil will ensure that your skin stays healthy and yet smells great.


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