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Top 3 looks you can achieve with your Cinthol Hair Gel.

There are a wide variety of looks that one can sport with different hair products and a good quality hair gel is one such product that can really have a great impact on your look and personality. Most guys tend to use the hair gel for a basic hold when you have to attend an event or be presentable for longer hours, but we came up with three looks that you can try at any time.

The Cinthol Hair Gel is a product that can make your look shinier, smoother and also guarantee a medium hold.

  • The Messy Look

A messy matte look is something you can aim to achieve with this hair gel. Just apply the hair gel and comb your hair with your hand. If you have short hair on the sides and longer on top, then the tousled hair is a great way to look young and smart. Ruffle the hair in different directions for short hair.


  • The Matte Look

Take a generous dollop of hair gel and work it from root to tip. If you want your hair too look shinier and sleeker, then continue to build up the gel until it’s still wet, till your hair is saturated. This will lead to a matte look and keep your hair looking shiny throughout the day.


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  • The Dry Look

After towel drying your hair, apply a fair amount of gel that gives a light hold and for this it is important to use a gel that won’t flake. The Cinthol Hair Gel provides two different kinds of holds and you can choose according to your hair type. After distributing it evenly, comb it into place and let it dry. Once it is dry, run a comb through it and you will have the dry look.



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