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What are the three variants of the Cinthol head to toe wash

What is claimed to be the ‘one stop shop for busy mornings’ the Cinthol head to toe wash is truly a product that will keep grooming routines simpler and less time consuming. Serving as a product that provides the services of two products, this dual-action formula is meant to wash your entire body and your hair in one go. It contains argan oil that strengthens hair from the roots and makes it soft and shiny. It also has icy-cool menthol extracts that gives you a blast of freshness and also contains active deo fragrance. The best part about Cinthol Head To Toe Wash is that it is suitable for all skin types.
Forget the hair shampoos and the conditioners, if you are a man who does not actively engage in extensively grooming himself, this is exactly what you need! The three variants which you can always experiment with are-

Active Impact

This is a wash that is anti-bacterial and will clean your scalp, skin and open up the pores to let them breathe freely. It also helps in making your hair shinier and smoother. For men with dry or coarse hair, this a great head to toe wash. It also helps to make your skin supple and smooth. It works on all skin types and has a great fragrance that will last the entire day!

Cool Wave

The icy cool menthol extract that are present in this wash will cleanse your skin with a blast of cooling freshness. Just like the active impact wash, this will also make your hair smooth and shiny while providing a great fragrance.


Fresh Burst

This variant contains exquisite Ginseng Root Extracts that will work on your scalp and keep the pores of your skin breathing freely. These extracts will also provide great support to your hair and make it healthier and give it a glossy shine.




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