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What you need to know about Cinthol hair cream

Styling creams suit most hair types and textures and there are a horde of hairstyles that you could try out on curly, coarse, waxy or straight hair. The Cinthol hair cream is one such product that works like magic on your hair to achieve the perfect look and nourishes it to the fullest.


The product that has two variants takes care of all hair types and is the perfect cream for someone who desires strengthening as well as a little bit of shine!



The Cinthol hair cream provides intense nourishment and assures that no damage is caused to your mane as you go about exploring the wildlife and nature. The mineral-rich hydro-proteins ensure that your roots stay nourished and the Vitamin E will strengthen your hair and keep it healthy.



An important aspect of everyday life is being presentable for work and meetings; this is taken care of by the Cinthol hair cream as it keeps your hair non-sticky and shiny. From experimenting with new hairstyles to styling your hair as per the texture and growth, there are multiple ways this cream will come in handy!

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These creams come in different sizes as every individual will have preferences for the amount of cream they want to stock up in their bathroom cabinet! From a small 10ml tube to a 100ml one, there is truly one for everyone!


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