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Why beard wax is crucial to groom your beard?

Just like your hair, your beard also needs certain products that enhance it without causing any harm to the beard follicles.

While most waxes will end up tightening your beard, the Cinthol Beard Wax will ensure that the beeswax gives the perfect hold along with a great fragrance. Want to know why it’s so crucial when it comes to beard care? Read on!



The Cinthol Beard Wax is a firm and sculpting wax that will ensure a long lasting hold. This means that you never have to worry about checking up on your beard every once in a while when you are out trekking or traveling. This alcohol free wax is a product that you need for your personal grooming. Your beard will stay in place and you can experiment with newer styles every day.


Not only does the beard wax guarantee a great hold but the Cinthol Beard Wax is especially one that will have you smelling great for the entire day. With a great fragrance that will keep you fresh, the beard wax is a great product to own.


All the new beard styles that you aspire to imitate can be further enhanced with the use of a great beard wax. The Cinthol Beard wax will hold you beard and thus keep your styled mane in place for longer hours.

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