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Why Cinthol Beard Oil is a Must for your Grooming Routine

While facial hair has to washed regularly, it is also important to remember that the hair on your face is very different from the hair on you head. Apart from a regular wash, facial hair also needs cleansing and moisture to ensure that your beard does not become itchy, dry and unmanageable. The Cinthol Beard Oil is the perfect fix for grooming your beard. Here is why it should be a part of your personal grooming routine.


The Cinthol Beard Oil works towards making your beards soft, manageable and frizz free. It will also guarantee a shine and make your mane look luscious and shiny.



The beard oil ensures that the skin beneath your beard is well conditioned and irritation free. It will improve growth and hydrate your follicles. This will take care of itchiness and provide relief from the irresistible itch that most men face while the beard is growing.

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The beard oil from Cinthol is non-sticky, Argan oil being an essential part of the same. Argan oil usually penetrates the hair and repairs the damaged follicles. Being non-greasy and providing a glossy effect to your beard, this a product that is a must for beard care.



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